The art of creation.

Tides of Noor (ToN)  presents the ARĪZAS collection, defined as the following:

ARĪZAS [ahr-ee-zuh] (n): an article of clothing with the perfect blend of design and functionality. It can provide as much modesty as desired and can be styled endlessly. An abaya, a cardigan, a wrap, a gown. A staple piece that every woman's wardrobe needs.

Tides of Noor has received unbounded support since its commencement in 2014. Without all your love, today would not have been a reality. We have worked so hard to create these pieces. Navigating this uncharted territory has been an adventure.

Tides of Noor is ethically made. Our clothes are made in Pakistan by tailors who receive fair and comfortable pay. We aim to provide affordable yet ethical prices to ensure that our items fit this criteria.

Starting this dream was difficult, but we loved this project so much that we did not mind the work.

Without further delay,



3 Years
2 Girls
1 Vision

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