January’s Top 10 – LizRouge Edition

  1. Clinique CC Cream

Left to right: L’Oreal Paris True Match powder foundation, They’re Real Benefit Mascara, Clinique CC Cream- Light Medium shade

Benefit Mascara
(see image for number one)With makeup, we tend to go for more of the minimalist look, not too cakey. The Clinique CC cream is the perfect amount of coverage and just the right amount of illuminator. If one needs more coverage just apply some foundation or cover up over, the cream does just fine under it. This product is less for coverage and more to add some life to ones skin. This product will definitely be bought over and over again by us. It’s perfect to wear when in a hurry or to run errands. Most days this is all we wear. Worth every cent!

So the first time I (Liz) tried out benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara was when I received a sample from Sephora on my birthday. Ever since then I’ve been hooked! I’ve been using it for about 3 months. It doesn’t clump while still giving a lot of volume and defining. I got Rouge hooked as well!

  1. L’Oreal Paris True Match Powder foundation (see image for number one)
If you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to put that much effort into your makeup then L’Oreal’s powder foundation is perfect. With just a couple pats your skin looks flawless! Although we both don’t wear very much makeup on a daily basis this product is our go-to foundation. Not only is it super affordable, but the quality is amazing!

  1. Dr Marten Combat Boots

Dr Marten in Cherry Red

This season we’ve been loving the soft grunge with the pinch of femininity look. This means leather, oversized sweaters, thrift store t-shirts, spikes, plaid, and of course Doc Martens! Although it comes with a hefty price they’re definitely worth it. They last forever and are hella comfy (after breaking them in). And the best part is that they look good with basically anything! We say get ‘em if you’re willing to work them because after all, confidence is the best accessory!



  1. Scented Yankee Candle

Scented Yankee candles: Vanilla Cupcakes (back) & Christmas cookies (front)

When you finally escape the feeling of that crisp winter air touching your skin and when your icy cold breath embraces the warmth inside your home, the next best feeling is to walk into your room and smell the sweet scent of vanilla cupcakes and Christmas cookies. You know what they say – you can’t go wrong with Yankee candle! (Okay they probably don’t say that but you actually can’t go wrong nonetheless).

  1. Gold Jewelry

Bow tie chain bracelet: Aldo || Cuff bracelets: Charlotte Russe || Chained rings: H&M

If there’s one thing we love, it’s reusing accessories with different outfits. Ever noticed how one belt, or one bracelet, or even one hijab (hijabs count as another accessory in the hijabi world so holla at that), can jazz up a simple outfit, giving it a whole new look? Gold jewelry is an accessory, or rather, a category of accessories that can do just that; give a boring old, worn too many times outfit, a whole new look! Who says you can’t wear the same outfit twice? With the right type of accessorizing, you shan’t go wrong, darrrlings! And besides, thick gold belts, rings and cuff bracelets can be worn as casual or fancy shmancy, depending on what they’re paired with. Just go crazy experimenting, you never know what you’ll end up with 😉 Besides, trend-setting never gets old!

  1. Arbonne: Aromassentials Citrus Body Scrub & Lotion

Arbonne body scrub & lotion

So we’ve previously established that Yankee candles can lighten up the atmosphere of your home with their delicious essence, but what about your body? This scrub by Arbonne: Aromassentials has the perfect combination of liquid (the oils) and solid (the sea salt) to leave your skin with the perfect scent AND keep it moisturized for a decent amount of time – no need for constantly applying lotion (which is hella annoying, by the way, to have to do every time you wash your hands/face or make wudhu).

  1. Slouchy Sweaters

Might as well do my OOTD while I’m here, right? Button-down sweater: H&M || Top: random || Jeans: Dynamite || Hijab: Noor ul Haya Couture|| Boots: DSW

Comfy, comfy, comfy. Warm, warm, warm. Need we say more? What else does one need when it’s below freezing out? Not to mention that these throw-ons look fab too and can be paired up with different clothing items to give off a different look (read: combat boots and boyfriend jeans for a more tomboyish look; or knee-high boots, printed pants and a faux-fur scarf for a girlier appearance). What a good idea to stock up on these, because they’ll never go out of style. All hail grandma sweaters!


  1. Inglot Nail Polish

Inglot nail polish colours: 625 (left) & 679 (right)

  • 10. Reclaim Your Heart – Yasmin Mogahed
We finally got our hands on the very popular breathable, or better known as, halal nail polish. There’s not much to say about it except for the many beautiful colours it comes in, and the fact that your wudhu counts with it on, because of its breathable content. No more wearing nail polish once a month, ladies! Now, any time is a good time to get your nails done!

Yasmin Mogahed’s bestseller, Reclaim your Heart

That’s all for now, ladies! Stay tuned for our upcoming articles and remember-This phenomenal novel by Yasmin Mogahed is our number one pick at the moment. She provides a completely new perspective on loss, love and life. These words speak to the believers’ heart and provide comfort and clarity. Ones view of this dunya will be forever altered. She proves her point while using perfectly picked ayahs/verses from the Qur’an and tying it all back to religion and faith. Once you start, you can’t help but to keep reading and to read it over and over again, because the passages
never get old, and wallahi, we’re not just saying that! No matter how many times you’ve read them, you can always go back and it’ll feel like new. Strongly recommended to all those going through hardships and struggles, whether it be due to family problems, a broken heart, school/university difficulties, or even just going through a depression phase (AKA THE WINTER BLUES – one reason we dislike winter). Mogahed really revives your faith with this one.

Seek noor, seek you

xxo lizrouge