The Diary of Two Shopaholics: Bazaar Haul

Salaams ladies and welcome back!

As promised in our previous post (and requested by many viewers), here’s our MAS-ICNA 2013 Bazaar haul! We had spent way more than we planned, but it’s all good, because it only comes around once a year. And we definitely don’t regret it (yet… haha kiddding). We picked up everything we fell in love with, from maxi hijabs and chocolates (for the record – food is always a good idea) to MAC makeup (yes MAC!!). Alhamdulillah for these bazaars! The best and most memorable part though, was bargaining our way through everything. Guess we inherited the Pakistani bargaining genes from our mothers after all!

Let us walk through all our purchases now, shall we?

Well first off, we came across the most beautiful jewelry booth – a NY based business (we’re completely blanking on the name, sorry!), specializing in gorgeous traditional Indo-Pak jewelry. It ranged from colorful earrings and delicately shimmering teekas to beautifully modernized gold-plated bracelets (the set shown towards the left of the picture). We had probably visited this one about 6 times by the last day (“I swear they didn’t have this necklace last time I came!” – hashtag brown girl problems?).

A couple of our jewellery finds (as also seen on Liz’s Instagram)

The next stall we visited was a clothing company from Michigan called, “The Return of the Strangers”. Their merchandise is all based on the ideology of supporting the revolutions happening across the Middle East. Definitely recommend checking out their website (links to instagram/twitter/facebook pages are all on there) – they have some pretty sick stuff. We bought one of their top-selling Disobey pullover hoodies. So comfy, casual and bold all at once!

Rouge models the Disobey pullover in a medium.

Our absolute favourite buys were the very popular Arabic calligraphy clutches and hijabs. These have been popping up everywhere in the hijabi fashion world and we’re hooked! Classy and elegant is the way to go with these beauties. Loved the prices as well, as they were way lower than anything we had looked up online (shopping tip: the more merchandise you buy, the more rights you have over bargaining + the better deal you’ll get… if you know what I’m sayin’ *wink*). Liz got forest green, Rouge got a deep burgundy and then we both picked up a bunch of different coloured hijabs as well, because… Why not?! Perfect to go with plain and simple outfits, because they definitely make a statement when worn!

Side note: Most think that since the writing’s in Arabic, it must be quoting something from the Qur’an – a verse or maybe a du’a? The truth is though, it doesn’t say anything in particular, just a bunch of Arabic letters thrown together to create calligraphy! So you don’t have to worry about disrespecting the words or anything of the sort. Convenient, no?


Arabic calligraphy clutch in forest green and gold, with a black hijab in the same design.

Now on the last day, during the entertainment session (Maher Zain, holla), we thought we were done with the bazaar. No more shopping, bargaining, or even window shopping (our fail attempts to stop spending), BUT, thanks to a friend of ours, we found out about an amazing booth selling Mac makeup for super affordable prices (and deals – buy 3, get the 4th free? That’s what I like to hear!). This booth had every Mac product for less than half its original price. It was probably a once in a lifetime chance to find such a bargain! This completed our whole weekend at the convention – after all, no haul is complete without makeup, right ladies?

Skinfinish mineralizer in medium deep, “Well Dressed” powder blush, and lipsticks – “Pink”, “Angel”, and “So Chard”, all by Mac.

Well that concludes our Bazaar haul for MAS-ICNA 2013! We hope to hear your comments, thoughts, and opinions AND let us know if there are any future posts y’all would like to see on here. Soooooo until next time, keep shopping girlies! And remember –

Seek noor, seek you
xxo lizrouge