2013: A Euphoric Endoff

Salaam ladies!

First of all, a huge thank you to all our viewers so far for taking the time to check out our newborn of a blog! We are trying to keep the posts consistent so bare with us while we get used to it all 🙂

Over the holidays, we had the opportunity to attend the MAS-ICNA 2013 Convention in Chi-town, Illinois. Although it wasn’t our first time, it had been a while since we had gone together. We both had a fabulous time listening to phenomenal speakers (needed that iman boost of course), spending time with friends and family, and, the best part, shopping around in the huge bazaar – we’ll be putting up our bazaar haul in a later post iA! But even better than  the whole shopping experience, was putting our outfits together – let’s face it, the only thing better than purchasing the outfit is actually wearing the outfit, accessories and all.

Sooooo we present to you, our first outfit pictures for the two days, Sunday and Monday!

(More pictures on our instagrams as well! Check out “Tides of Insta” to your right)

Day 1:

Clichéd picture with the Christmas tree haha

Maxi cardigan – DIY: I used a hi-low dress, and fixed it up (again, future detailed post on this too!) And aztec is addicting, my wardrobe’s filling up with it!
Skirt– Costa Blanca (holler at them amazing Canadian-only stores– sorry Americans, maybe next time), also I’m in love with this colour
Top – Gap: perfect to throw on with any outfits, because of it’s tight sleeves and overall comfiness.. I’m a sucker for tight sleeves  
Hijab – from RIS (Canadian convention- double the size of MAS-ICNA) SIGH, I just love pashmina coverage- they never disappoint
Watch – Aldo accessories
Belt – Sirens

Top – f21, it complimented my palazzos perfectly while providing a good amount of coverage!
Belt – TJ Maxx
Palazzos – f21, in love with these. The print and fit were perfff
Wristlet – Coach
Watch – Macy’s
Hijab – navy blue Pashmina from a NY street vendor
Shoes – Steve madden, my favorite pair of flats!

Day 2


Chiffon tank top – Garage, it’s a hi-low type top with the back being longer than the front (so cute when worn with coloured pants and knee-high boots!), but it felt appropriate to tuck it in with the palazzos haha
Black full-sleeved shirt – Mas-Icna, bought it on the first day from a hijabi-friendly clothing booth (gotta love those shops)
Black chiffon palazzos – Costa Blanca: so flowy and comfortable! Perfect for heels
Watch – Aldo: the same one from the first day
Black hijab – my mother’s closet haha, just needed something to blend in with the outfit and provide coverage
Mustard hijab – Suzy Shier: given to me by a friend, but it’s not wide enough for a regular hijab style and hence, works perfectly for turban style!

Dress – f21, it was sooo comfy and perfect for a hijab-friendly outfit!
Pants – H&M, a must have in my opinion! Loving the leather this season.
Hijab – convention!
Shoes – TOMS, the only pair of heels/wedges I can wear everyday! So comfy and cute.


Well that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed it – we have many more where that came from 😉 Haha until next time-

Seek noor, seek you
xxo lizrouge